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MBA en intelligence artificielle et business

Un MBA 100% en ligne qui allie des compétences hyper-spécifiques à propos de l’IA et celles des affaires et du management (sans compétences en programmation requises).

EducAssist is promoting a prestigious MBA program in International Management of Big Data & Robots offered by the ESCE (ÉCOLE SUPÉRIEURE DU COMMERCE EXTÉRIEUR).

ESCE is the leading international business school founded in 1968 by the French Foreign Trade Council (CENTRE FRANÇAIS DU COMMERCE EXTÉRIEUR).

Who Is This Program For?

Through EducAssist, ESCE targets for its MBA, executives from CEMAC in particular and Africa in general.

Achievable in 1 Year

In just a year, this MBA allows you to develop your career by combining the acquisition of academic knowledge and professional experience.

The MBA meets current business needs as 97.2% of organizations say they are now investing in artificial intelligence and big data.

Latest Trends in Big Data & Robotics

Data and robots are already in your daily life and their development continues to grow. Here are some reasons why you want to consider an MBA in Big Data & Robotics:

  • The Big data and data analytics solutions and services market is expected to grow at an average of 12.8% per year by 2025 and with an estimated $215.7 billion in 2021.
  • Walmart, Amazon and other tech companies are rolling out drone delivery service. Within 30 minutes, consumers receive their order, right in their backyard.
  • Airbus is testing a bird plane whose wings adapt to the wind and collect meteorological data in real time.
  • In addition to the autonomous cars already on the market, Tesla launches “Optimus”, a humanoid robot.
  • Amazon has acquired robot vacuum cleaner maker iRobot for about $1.7 billion.

Scholarships For African Executives

Thanks to EducAssist, qualified African candidates will receive a scholarship worth €5000. This means that instead of €8900, you will only pay €3950 for this prestigious MBA.

Join Today

On the 16 of December, EducAssist will host a webinar together with ESCE to shed more light on the importance of this program.

Sign-up for the webinar.

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