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EducAssist Represents EM Strasbourg at SAPEF 2022

The ninth edition of SAPEF (Salon pour la promotion des études françaises) started on the 18th and finished on the 22nd of October 2022. The event was organized jointly by Campus France Cameroon and the French Embassy in Cameroon.
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SAPEF - EducAssist - EM Strasbourg

Événement annuel consacré aux échanges à caractère universitaire et professionnel, le Salon pour la Promotion des Études Françaises (SAPEF) réunit depuis de nombreuses années de nombreuses institutions et établissements français et Camerounais autour de nombreux élèves, étudiants et parents.

The event was organized jointly by Campus France Cameroon and the French Embassy in Cameroon.

The main goal of this annual event is to strengthen the bonds of university cooperation between French and Cameroonian higher education institutions in a context of complementarity between our two systems, as well as to provide Cameroonian students with the most up-to-date information about studying in France. At this event, EducAssist represented EM Strasbourg – a French business school created in 1919 in Strasbourg, Alsace.

It is worth mentioning that this elite business school ranks in the top 17 in France. Learn more about the different programmes (Bachelor, Master, PhD) EM Strasbourg has to offer.

Moreover, EM Strasbourg is the only French Business School to operate under the umbrella of a traditional University: the University of Strasbourg.

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